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How Much Do I Offer On A Property? Or How Much Can I Get Off A Property?

This must be a very common question that runs through people’s minds when trawling through property details.

As a property expert of over 15 years I’d love to say I have mastered a perfect formula ! Take the house price minus 12% divide by how many fence panels it has and number of cars on the drive plus £10,000! But guess what …. I don’t!

The amount you would get off a house asking price will vary depending on a lot of factor. Mainly interest level. If it’s just come onto the market it will be fresh and more likely be getting enquiries from others, at this stage anything off the asking is a bonus! And asking price of £204,995 would suggest an offer of £200,000 is a good one and likely to be expected, however if you are one of 3 viewers on the day, the asking price may be the only way to secure it!

If the house has been on a long while, 8 weeks plus you maybe slightly cheeky and aim to get it for say £195,000. But again it could be on as people have tried that and failed.

All in all there is no formula or right answer and at this time speaking to the agent isn’t a bad thing to be doing. Yes they work for the owner but they do work for them at selling the property , so getting an offer is the start. Getting agents opinion is wise as will allow you to judge whether it’s right for you at the money likely to be accepted!


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